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Game Accounts are now Exchangable

Secure game account exchange with blockchain technology. Experience seamless, secure transactions without intermediaries. Level up your gaming journey with confidence, as our platform ensures the utmost security for exchanging game accounts.



Project Begins

Project planning , milestone drafting and design creation will begin with new year. After UI/UX is done, the development will begin.

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Launch Gane Academy

An academy on Youtube will be launched by Gane team for teaching blockchain for FREE.

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Release Whitepaper

Whitepaper of the platform will be released including details of the development, its roadmap and the future scope. Marketing and promotion of project will begin.

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Launch Account marketplace

Phase 1 of the Account Selling marketplace will be officially launched based on ERC6551. Partnership expansion with collaborations.

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Release SDK v1

Launching our SDK to make smoother integration to our platform for clients and developers. Will provide some custom and abstract features for easy implementation.

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Launch In game assets marketplace

Release the in game assets marketplace where games can trade their in-game assets like tokens, NFTs , cards etc.

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Release Pricing curve and SDK v2

Specially designed price curve to make the gaming more interesting will be launched and added to the SDK.

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